A milestone for the ECLER IVOIRE team

Few weeks ago, the entire ECLER IVOIRE project team has met.

The ECLER IVOIRE project is part of the ENERGOS II program, funded by the European Union. Under the coordination of Expertise France, its objectives are to improve the access of rural Ivorian populations to electricity services, to contribute to the increase in electricity production capacity by renewable energies, and to reduce energy consumption.

It is divided into two components: Component 1 targets the electrification of rural areas by financing mini power grids, powered by micro photovoltaic power plants; while component 2 will make it possible to sustainably reduce the energy consumption of public buildings.

This reduction in consumption involves, among other things, carrying out extensive renovation work. EXENCI brings its expertise to support this energy efficiency project.

The project is currently passing milestones: The end of the work on component 1 is fast approaching, and component 2 has seen the start of energy renovation work on the building of the General Directorate of the Treasury.

The staff of the concerned institutions has been mobilized through concrete actions enabling them to adopt economical behaviors in their workplace and to export them to their homes, for a double benefit.


Please find below the building of the second component and the team of the first component, as well as its solar installations: