Bruno Chrétien

Formerly an expert at ADEME (the French Environment & Energy Management Agency) and currently head of the consultancy, Bruno is a recognized expert in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energies at the international level. For twenty-five years he has been supporting industrial and large commercial players to meet their needs in terms of energy management and processes improvement with respect to their sustainable development objectives. His expertise is based on practical knowledge acquired on the field. Furthermore, he is well familiar with institutional channels and communication while possessing advanced technical skills, particularly in the areas of thermal engineering, power electronics and high-performance technologies in industry and building sector.


Lucie Magot

Lucie is a consultant at EXENCI for almost 3 years. She holds a MA in Corporate Social Responsability from the University of Paris Dauphine and a BA in Law from the University Bordeaux IV-Montesquieu. With a strong international experience, she deals with the technical and organizational bac-office work providing the team with her multidisciplinary skills in Law and Sustainable Development. She is also in charge of drafting numerous deliverables.

Ivana Pacail

A Sciences Po Paris graduate, Ivana has more than 5 years of international experience in the field of energy and sustainable development within various structures. In EXENCI, her work consists of editorial and organizational support with the focus on the business development. She speaks English, French, Italian and the languages of the Balkan region.