Bruno Chrétien

Formerly an expert at ADEME (the French Environment & Energy Management Agency) and currently head of the consultancy, Bruno is a recognized expert in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energies at the international level. For twenty-five years he has been supporting industrial and large commercial players to meet their needs in terms of energy management and processes improvement with respect to their sustainable development objectives. His expertise is based on practical knowledge acquired on the field. Furthermore, he is well familiar with institutional channels and communication while possessing advanced technical skills, particularly in the areas of thermal engineering, power electronics and high-performance technologies in industry and building sector.



Noémie des Robert

  Noémie joined the EXENCI team in 2021 as an energy efficiency engineer. She graduated from ENSGSI in Nancy, where she was trained in sustainable innovation engineering. At EXENCI, in addition to participating in technical consulting activities, her work consists of facilitating and leading territorial consultation projects, but also developing markets and business partnerships, strengthening and structuring the internal processes, as well as supporting writing the numerous deliverables. She is committed to always taking a step back and keeping an innovative point of view (according to the principles of agility and design thinking) and an ecosystemic vision to participate in anchoring projects in the reality and ensuring that they meet stakeholders’ needs and expectations.

Lucie Magot

Lucie is a consultant at EXENCI for almost 3 years. She holds a MA in Sustainable Development & Corporate Social Responsability from the University of Paris Dauphine and a BA in Law from the University Bordeaux IV-Montesquieu. With a strong international experience, she deals with the technical and organizational bac-office work providing the team with her multidisciplinary skills in Law and Sustainable Development. She is also in charge of drafting numerous deliverables.



Aminata Coulibaly

Aminata is an eco-energy and sustainable development engineer in work-linked training. She joined the team in 2021 to work on technical activities around the Building sector. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and is particularly interested in topics on energy efficiency in buildings.

Aminata has already participated in energy efficiency projects for individual houses (energy performance diagnosis, implementation of an energy progress plan focused on the choice of biobased materials and the use of renewable energies, feasibility study), a turnkey school project that complies with the requirements of TR2012, photovoltaic sizing (determination of needs and the number of modules required, evaluation of the electrical power supplied by the modules, the energy efficiency of the modules and the payback time, design of a fast sizing program to automate the process).


Marie Le Roux

As a thermal and energy engineer, Marie has acquired solid experience in a management and organizational consulting firm as a project consultant for major energy sponsors. Then she completed her training with a Master 2 degree in Administration and Business Management at IAE Nantes. Marie joined EXENCI in 2015 to support the engineering activity on the company’s various projects and participate in the internal EXENCI project. After a 5-year break for various personal projects, she came back with enthusiasm at EXENCI to strengthen activities related to internal organization and structuring, strategy deployment, and participate in the business development of the company.