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Consulting and expertise in sustainable energy strategy, E X E N C.I. operates nationally and internationally, on technical assistance to investment and development projects particularly dedicated to industry sectors and local authorities.

Supported by a cross-curricular team, the leader of E X E N C.I., Bruno Chrétien, is a recognized expert in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy. For over twenty years he has accompanied the evolution of the industrial sector in terms of energy management and improvement of their processes always with a sustainable approach. His expertise is based on a real experience on the field, providing full legitimacy to E X E N C. I. to carry out the tasks entrusted to it by the various institutions and development agencies.


Sustainable Energy International Consulting

* Turkey – Technical Assistance on Sustainable Energy Project in Metropolitan Municipalities
Commissioned by AFD (Agence Française de Développement) and Expertise France in partnership with Iller Bank
* Ukraine – Performing walkthrough energy audits in industry to establish regulatory audit guidelines
Commissioned by INOGATE/EU
* Turkey – Technical and strategy support to build up new energy efficiency programme toward SMEs
Commissioned by AFD and KOSGEB
* India – Building up France-India technical partnership with energy saving demonstration operations
Commissioned by CETIAT and ADEME
* France – Technical Expert for Top Tens project (IPEEC) - Commissioned by ADEME
* France – Guide creation for Energy Audit - Commissioned by ADEME
* Ukraine – Technical and regulatory support on Voluntary agreements in the framework of EU twinning project on improvement of energy efficiency policy - Commissioned by ADETEF/EU
* India - Technical Assistance to prospect partnership in energy efficiency between industrial clusters and French technical operators
Commissioned by AFD
* Turkey – Project leader of the twinning project “Improvement of energy efficiency in Turkey” and Industry sector key expert
Commissioned by the EU
* European Union – Project leader of “Motor Challenge” project and participation to several others on energy efficiency in motor driven systems - Commissioned by the EU



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